Liquid Polybutadienes


We offer a range of stereospecific, low viscous and unsaponifiable liquid polybutadienes of different chemical compositions and which are marketed under the trade name POLYVEST®.

Besides non-functionalized maleic anhydride-functionalized liquid polybutadienes, hydroxyl-terminated liquid polybutadiene is the latest entry to our product range.
Specification range offered:
Non-functionalized grades
  • grades differ in molar mass and viscosity manufactured by Ziegler-Natta polymerization
  • viscosity at 20°C: 700 - 3,300 [mPa s]
Maleic anhydride-functionalized grades
  • adducts of linear polybutadiene and maleic anhydride
  • viscosity at 20°C: 6,000 - 61,000[mPa s]
  • acid number: 70 - 130 [mg KOH/g]
Hydroxyl-terminated grades
  • α,ω-terminated diol of polybutadiene manufactured by radical polymerization
  • viscosity at 30°C: 4,000 - 5,500 [mPa s]
  • OH-number 44 - 51 [mg KOH/g]