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DEGACRYL® Heat Seal Binders

Wouldn‘t it be great if everything opened smoothly?

Fortunately yogurt cups sealed with DEGACRYL® Heat Seal Binders are smoothly and easy to open.

These binders represent an excellent solution for heat sealing applications in the packaging industry. Our functional binders can be divided into three groups based on their appearance:

DEGACRYL® HS - organic solutions

DEGACRYL® HS - organic dispersions

DEGACRYL® HS - aqueous dispersions

Our DEGACRYL® HS binders for heat sealing applications are ideally suited for formulation of high-quality lacquers to provide an excellent and secure heat sealing in combination with smooth peeling.

DEGACRYL® HS organic dispersions provide direct adhesion to aluminum or PET lid material for economical and environmentally friendly packaging solutions. All common cup materials from polar polystyrene to non-polar polypropylene can be sealed.

All products comply with international regulations for incident food contact.

DEGACRYL® HS organic solutions, dispersions as well as aqueous dispersions can be supplied in drums, IBCs or tank trucks.

Your benefits

  • Excellent seal and peel properties on aluminum foil or film structures
  • Outstanding smooth peel effect
  • Wide property range from easy opening to high sealing strength
  • Multi-purpose sealing capabilities to various substrates
  • Economical and environmentally friendly packaging solutions

Markets and Applications

Food packaging (e.g. easy or strong peel packaging, PVC-free packaging, foil or film lid packaging, foil to foil applications)

Pharmaceutical packaging (e.g. push through blister, sachet packaging, easy peel packaging, foil to foil applications)