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Smart solutions for a sustainable future

The VESTOPLAST® eCO product portfolio is our commitment to a sustainable future: It is produced using a mass balance approach of bio-circular, renewable feedstocks and renewable energies, which significantly reduces carbon emissions. 

Mass balance: Accounting for Raw Materials

VESTOPLAST® is mainly used as a raw material for hot melt adhesives. With VESTOPLAST® eCO, a mix of bio-based and fossil-based resources are used. The move to reduce reliance on fossil-based resources is part of Evonik’s focus on sustainability. Resources need to be better used and changes must be made to tackle climate change.  


The raw materials we use are enabling us to substitute fossil resources by up to 97%. We guarantee traceability and transparency of the raw materials streams along the value chain.  


  • Identical physical properties as the traditional VESTOPLAST® portfolio 
  • Excellent adhesion on various substrates 
  • High thermostability, white color, no odor
  • low carbon footprint 
  • Foaming ability

Main Application Fields

The portfolio of VESTOPLAST® eCO is mainly used as a raw material for hot melt adhesives that have application in several industries such as hygiene, automotive, packaging, and woodworking. 

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