We offer synthetic waxes produced by Fischer-Tropsch-Process.

This process yields straight-chain products posessing low viscosity in the melt and having molecular weights of between 500 and 1,000 g/mol. Besides crude FT-Waxes we also offer modified hard paraffins, oxidates and partially saponified waxes.

Our FT-Waxes are marketed under the trade name VESTOWAX®.

Specification range offered


Drop Point

Density at 23 ° C

Crude FT-Waxes

  • sold as "GTL Sarawax"

  • Available from Evonik in Europe,  South America,
        Middle East, North Africa and India

108 - 120° C

~ 0.94 g/cm

Modified FT-Waxes (sold as VESTOWAX®)

  • hard paraffins

  • oxidates

100 - 120° C

~ 0.94 - ~1.00 g/cm