Product Stories

In everyday life, you can find chemistry almost everywhere, in exciting and successful products. Evonik Industries breathes life into markets and industries. Our products exceed ordinary expectations and excite the interest of customers because we make a major contribution towards the success of their end products.


Keeping bridges from crumbling

Rain and wind, sun and heat, snow and ice. If there's one word that describes Russian weather, it's "extreme." With a landmass greater than any other country on earth, Russia is home to all of the world’s climatic zones—and to over 6,000 bridges.

pressure sensitive adhesives vestoplast

The Raw Material for Secure Online Trading

Many consumers today purchase books, shoes, cell phones, computers, and electrical appliances over the internet and have the goods conveniently delivered to their doorstep in cardboard boxes. Paper adhesive strips are often used to seal the box and ensure that the valuable contents withstand transportation and arrive in good condition.

Construction Solar Panels

Lead-free roofing - Bituminous membranes made from VESTOPLAST® save cost and time.

Lead sheet materials are considered a must in the construction industry, especially along roof extensions or as flashings, but the heavy metal is an environmental pollutant.

yoghurt packaging key visual

Tightly Sealed, Yet Easily Opened - The best way to seal yogurt cups

The average European consumer opens about 120 cups of yogurt a year. To ensure that the cups are always easily opened and their contents stay fresh, yogurt producers use heat-sealing lacquer to bond the cups and the lids.