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DEGALAN® bead polymers DEGALAN® P 24 is state of the art in pharmaceutical blister packaging.

DEGALAN® bead polymers are delivered as 100% solids. Formulations of PVC copolymer with DEGALAN® bead polymers significantly improve the heat sealing strength and provide a more environmental friendly packaging solution for pharmaceutical blister packaging.

Approval times with regard to pharmaceutical blister packaging applications can be shortened, since documentation for DEGALAN® bead polymers enables easy access to these applications.

In formulations with PVC copolymer also DEGALAN® 4792 L and DEGALAN® 4793 L can be used. Both products are suitable for the fine tuning of lacquer formulation to adjust the desired sealing strength.                                                   DEGALAN® 4792 L as well as DEGALAN® 4793 L can be blended with other DEGALAN® heat sealing binders, e.g. DEGALAN® P 24.

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