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Best dispersion of fillers and pigments in polymers is very important to effectively influence properties and appearance of finished polymer products. No matter if the target is significant increase of filler contents or highest efficiency with smallest quantities of pigments, Evonik offers solutions for a lot of standard polymers and engineering plastics, either with single additives or combinations of products from different chemistry.

The crystalline, linear copolyester DYNACOLL® S 243 exhibits a high pigment loading capacity and is therefore an ideal carrier for pigments in PET masterbatches. Added in small amounts, DYNACOLL® S 243 can also be used as wetting agent for pigments to colour other plastics (e.g. polyolefines).

The amorphous character of VESTOPLAST® APAOs effects an outstanding filler and pigment loading capacity. Therefore VESTOPLAST® is used as carrier in highly filled systems, e.g. 85 % filler- and 50 % pigment- masterbatches.

The low viscosity VESTOWAX® Fischer-Tropsch hard paraffins secure outstanding pigment wetting and are therefore designed as dispersing aids for pigments in polyolefine masterbatches. Furthermore, VESTOWAX® is employed in additive concentrates resulting in e.g. improved processability of polyolefines during injection moulding and higher thermal- and UV-stability.

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Dispersing agent with excellent pigment and filler loading capacity


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